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High quality metal and storage lockers with a wide variety of models, colors, styles and options.

Metal lockers and storage cabinets that are convenient, durable, efficient and economical. This makes them extremely suitable for use in all kinds of premises - schools, universities, changing rooms, offices, warehouses, sports clubs, fitness centres, hotels, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

The lockers are powder coated and come in a variety of colours. They are equipped with secret locks for high security. Also, metal lockers can be single, double, triple and quadruple with up to three compartments in height. The metal lockers are available in double triple and quadruple modules with four, five, six or eight compartments in height.

Lockers and changing room lockers are made of metal, melamine or high-strength resin laminate (HPL), which is suitable for changing rooms, gyms, saunas - rooms with a high degree of humidity. The products are of approved European quality and are used in public areas with high levels of operational load.

Lockers 5 Megablok Logistic Systems
Lockers 25 Megablok Logistic Systems
Lockers 22 Megablok Logistic Systems
Lockers 24 Megablok Logistic Systems
Lockers 29 Megablok Logistic Systems
Lockers 20 Megablok Logistic Systems

Types of lockers:

Melamine and HPL.


Powder coated.
Modular system for docking the sections.
Quick installation.
Variety of colours.
Different options of completion.
Incline roof

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