Standard metal cabinets

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Metal cabinets for all applications

Standard metal cabinets (with hinged and sliding doors) for archiving and storage, lockers for changing rooms, lockers for personal belongings and bags. With their robust construction, beautiful design and specific functional features, they satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding users.

Three cabinet series, 900, 1000 and 1250 mm, provide the right storage option and are convenient for any application.

The low cabinet with a height of 1020 mm with hinged doors also complements the KIND range of cabinets. Choose from a wide range of fully equipped cabinets or specify your own internal layout and design.

High load capacity up to 800 kg and with adjustable shelves in 30 mm increments.

Material Cabinets 11 Otto Kind Logistic Systems
Material Cabinets 1 Otto Kind Logistic Systems
Material Cabinets 8 Otto Kind Logistic Systems

Robust door construction:

The 1 000 and 1 250 series doors are mounted on split hinges as standard and provide a full 180 degree opening angle. Doors are reinforced for strength and security. Some doors are fitted with windows to provide a clear view of the cabinet interiors.
The cabinets are also available with sliding doors, which provide the ideal solution for areas with limited space, as the corridor is not blocked by open doors.

Stationary or mobile option:

Whether mobile or stationary, this cabinet is ideal for storing special equipment, machine accessories and spare parts and tools.
Thanks to its compact design, it is the right solution for places where space is limited.
The internal shelves can be adjusted in height in 30 mm increments.
The maximum load capacity of the cabinet is an impressive 250 kg. The doors open at an angle of 180 degrees. Doors are reinforced for strength and security.

Safe operation:

KIND cabinet doors are reinforced and protected from future breakage.
The sliding doors are uniquely hinged and have stop buffers for maximum quiet operation of the cabinet.

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