Mobile pallet racking

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Save expensive warehouse space with mobile pallet racking. They offer a high storage capacity and guarantee constant access to every stored product.

Ideal for:

  • Maximum use of limited storage space, with guaranteed access to every storage unit;
  • When storing a large assortment of products in small batches;
  • For storage of constantly renewed products or items with seasonal use.

BITO PROmobile - The Mobile Pallet Racking System

Mobile pallet racking system BITO PROmobileis actually a pallet racking system on wheels. Each rack row is mounted on an electrically driven trolley. The trolleys move along tracks in the floor.

The system is managed by electronic control of the racks themselves, and it is possible to integrate it to an automated warehouse management system.

The mobile pallet system saves on costly warehouse space. Due to its mobility, it is only necessary to open one passage where it is needed. Instead of one wide passage for a lifting machine, several narrower passages can be opened for manual dialling, for example.

The system can be designed together with the storage hall or built afterwards, according to the existing space.

BITO PROmobile synchro

The BITO PROmobile synchro system differs from the standard system in its constant distance monitoring. This ensures absolutely parallel movement of the trolleys, even in cases of different weights and unbalanced loads. Instead of using traditional mechanical controls, the system is electrically controlled so that the rack rows are stacked and moved in parallel. The passage openings can be planned and optimised to within a few millimetres.

mobile pallet racking
mobile pallet racking

Areas of application:

With limited storage space;
Low or medium temperature warehouses;
A large range of products in small series even of one pallet;
Seasonal items;
Constantly changing products.


More space by about 40%. Maximum storage capacity thanks to optimal use of floor space and height. When building a new warehouse, you can choose to plan for a smaller warehouse to reduce the construction cost significantly or you can bet on a temporary partition to be an extension.
Increase in storage capacity by about 75%. When replacing conventional pallet racking with mobile pallet racking.
Cost and capacity advantage over conventional pallet storage systems.
75% increase in efficacy.
75% increase in storage capacity.
35% increase in work corridors.
53% reduction in the price of a pallet space for the whole building.

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