Multi-Tier Storage Systems

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The BITO multi-tier storage system is an extremely economical storage solution.

  • It is designed to make full use of the vertical space in your warehouse, multiplying the available space without requiring more floor space;
  • The wide range of designs and accessories means the multi-tier storage system is suitable for use in any industry.

The multi-tier storage system is available in several different designs:

  • Like a one-story version with a mezzanine on top;
  • As a multi-tier construction;
  • Convenient and functional service at height by means of ladders, pallet pick-up areas or hoist;
  • Positioning the racks on top of each other at different levels reduces the distance employees have to walk, allowing you to complete a task faster.

Ideal use of space with compact multi-level storage:

High utilisation of the area.
Increases available storage space by up to 100%
Allows simultaneous use of multiple levels for faster task completion.
Compact storage space - short travel distances, direct access to goods.
Easy possibility to divide goods by levels according to their turnover. Fast-moving ones on the lower level, slow-moving ones on the upper.

Specific benefits:

Safe stairs - stairs for floor storage systems are equipped with safety barriers, the steps are solid and safe to use.
Stable handrails - the handrails of the floor storage systems are extremely stable in order to protect the employees working on each floor of the installation.
High load-bearing capacity and stability - thanks to the reinforcing beams and additional diagonal joints, the floor systems are extremely robust and have a very high load-bearing capacity. This also increases the stability of the racks.
Easily adjustable shelf height - when changing the range of goods or the quantity of items stored, the shelf height can be adjusted quickly and easily in 25 mm increments

Areas of application:

Distribution centres
Warehouses for spare parts
Production warehouses

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