Order picking trolleys

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Wanzl order picking trolleys

Order picking trolleys are a suitable solution for any warehouse, distribution centre or manufacturing facility where the transfer of materials from racking to the point of packing, sorting or use allows for internal building passage. With their many solutions and accessories, they are the preferred choice for many of our customers in a huge variety of businesses and processes.

The order picking trolleys are manufactured by Wanzl, a well-known name in the industrial sector, increasingly in demand for its optimal material flow solutions in all business sectors. With international experience in warehousing and transport, Wanzl has contributed greatly to the development of picking technology through a large range of efficient equipment.

Order picking trolleys

Dial Trolley KT2 Light

Basic model with versatile application, light, compact and manoeuvrable. The base is a square tube frame with mesh. The tubular sides go into the base and are screwed on. Two fixed and two rotating rubber wheels. Coating glossy chrome zinc.

Dialing trolley KT3

The KT3 is the basic model of the Wanzl order pickings trolley. Frame made of square tube which can be equipped with a welded platform. Sides - tubular with mesh that go into the base and are fastened with bolts. The shelves are made of mesh or chipboard and can be placed at different heights. Four original Wanzl removable rubber wheels Ø 125 mm. Fifth wheel Ø 125 mm (optional), which is centrally mounted for easy manoeuvring. The trolley can be turned on the spot. Coating - galvanized gloss-chrome.

Dialing trolley KT4

Extremely sturdy, as an option can also be handled by forklift.

Trolley for order picking

These are trolleys of different sizes and applications.

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