Pallet trolleys

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Pallet trolleys for production

Pallet trolleys are designed to transport pallets to and within product handling areas, and each operator can move and position it themselves without the need for a lift truck. Designed for different load capacities - from 500 kg to 2200 kg, resulting in changes to the wheels as well as the base securing devices. All pallet trolleys can be equipped with a superstructure for an ergonomic working position of the operator or a hitch for connection into a composition for intra-plant transport. One of the necessary accessories is the handling handle.

Pallet dollies 11 Fetra Logistic Systems
Pallet dollies 12 Fetra Logistic Systems


Frame of vinkel with four reinforced corners.
Easy installation of handle or hitch if needed.
Additional frame for more comfortable operation. Ability to stack up to three frames on top of each other for greater functionality.
Powder coated in RAL 5007 blue.
Two swivel and two fixed wheels. Swivel wheels with stoppers.
Different coating of the wheels according to purpose and load capacity - rubber, thermoplastic elastomer or polyamide.

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