Radio Schuttle Pallet Storage

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Radio Schuttle pallet storage system for high capacity warehouses with intensive loading and unloading.

BITO PROmotion - shuttle system for pallet storage in large depth channels.

Radio Schuttle pallet storage systems are ideal for:

  • Achieve maximum warehouse efficiency for large inventories;
  • To store pallets with a large weight difference;
  • Store pallets with particular care;
  • To stack one type of pallet in a channel/line.

BITO PROmotion is a battery-powered transport system for compactly stored pallets (using lithium-ion batteries). It is ideal for all types of pallets - including those of low quality. Using a standard forklift, the shuttle is moved from one canal/street to another. Using a reliable remote control system, it can independently transport stored goods through the canal.

The compact shuttle-based storage system is an alternative todrive-in, push-back and pallet live racking . It can be managed based on the FIFO (first in, first out) or LIFO (last in, first out) principle. It is ideal for all industries and can even be used in cold rooms. BITO PROmotion can handle pallets weighing up to 1,500 kg.

Maximum safety: working together with the mutual compensation association BGHW Mannheim, dedicated safety technology has been developed and implemented for this system.

Areas of application Radio Schuttle pallet storage systems:

With limited storage space.
Low or medium temperature warehouses.
Nomenclature of products in long series.
Seasonal items.
Buffer stockpiles.
Food industry.

Benefits of Radio Schuttle pallet storage systems:

You will save time and costs. In the compact storage system with BITO PROmotion radio shuttles, the high-lifter no longer has to go inside the rack. This saves a lot of time and protects the racks from damage, which in turn significantly lowers maintenance and repair costs.
Operating in one channel/street. Unlike a standard drive-in where one product is stored in one aisle (all channels/streets at height), with a shuttle compact racking system you can operate each channel/street independently as well as multiple products in one channel.
Scalability. The PROmotion system allows easy scaling. When the system service rate needs to be increased, additional shuttles are simply added.
Super compact storage. This system allows you to store as compactly as theoretically possible. The available storage capacity is optimally utilised without the need for canal/street gradients.

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