Roofed cantilever racking

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In outdoor areas cantilever racking with a roof is the right choice for your long goods that do not necessarily need storage in a warehouse. In the static calculation of the storage system we consider the additional loads due to wind and snow in your region and dimension the rack sections and the rack roof accordingly.

For outdoor applications, the cantilever racking is supplied with a roof, the racking materials are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanised or of powder-coated materials, according to your requirements. As an additional weather protection element, we have various back and side wall designs made of metal sheets or wood boards, weather protection nets or roller shutter systems. Roofing and water drainage is also included in our range of services but may also be provided by the customer. The inclination of the roof can be individually adjusted according to the drainage system and the forklift truck properties. The combination of our robust cantilever racks and our comprehensive knowledge for racks with roof and/or walls, means we will find the perfect solution, for your new warehouse. Make use of your outdoor space to store long goods or heavy loads.

cantilever racks ohra logistic systems 21
cantilever racks ohra logistic systems 20

Roofed cantilever racking:

Racking uprights and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel sections
Clipped-in, height-adjustable arms
In outdoor applications also available incl. roof, walls and water drainage system
Hot-dip galvanised standard design for outdoor storage
Statics calculations can be provided for obtaining building permits

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