Small parts storage boxes RK

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Small parts storage boxes RK for small parts on shelving with increased dencity.

The RK BITO storage boxes are ideal if you want to:

  • Maximize locations by providing your own location for each item;
  • Integrate the storage of a wide range of small products into your processes as efficiently as possible while saving as much space as possible;
  • Achieve high storage density.

The perfect shelf containers

BITO RK storage boxes are designed to fit perfectly on the racks. The dimensions of these stackable containers are designed to exactly match the dimensions of the shelves on the racks. Available space shall be used as efficiently as possible. These sturdy custom boxes can be fitted with back and cross dividers to store a wide range of items while making them easily accessible.
BITO RK storage boxes are also the ideal solution for equipping automated vertical warehouses. Their size and innovative design are preferred by many customers to maximize volume utilization in a single warehouse.

Your benefits:

Maximum access to the interior surfaces of BITO's RK small parts storage containers allow users to conveniently reach small items stored inside and easily retrieve them.
The containers are equipped with labels for labelling.
5 years warranty. We offer a five-year warranty on all RK BITO storage containers.
Standard colour. This model is only available in grey-blue.

Advantages of RK containers:

Available in 18 sizes. BITO RK storage containers are available in 18 different sizes. Each is optimized for the size of its contents and the size of the shelves where it will be stored.
Wide range of accessories. Containers can be used for multiple purposes.
Depending on your needs and the goods to be stored, these plastic containers for small items are complemented by a wide range of accessories such as width and length dividers, dust protection lids, an additional metal hook for shelf attachment on the rack, etc.

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