XL storage containers

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BITO XL storage containers are versatile and feature many options.

The XL storage containers are designed in Euro size and represent BITO's most versatile container series. A range of standard Euro sizes and configurations allow you to store and transport your products based on your exact needs.

Euro containers XL 1 Bito Logistic Systems
Euro containers XL 4 Bito Logistic Systems
Euro containers XL 5 Bito Logistic Systems
Euro containers XL 9 Bito Logistic Systems
Euro containers XL 10 Bito Logistic Systems
Euro containers XL 11 Bito Logistic Systems

Advantages and features of BITO XL boxes:

Wide range of sizes. This range of boxes is available in 20 different sizes, with a range of heights and multiple wall types. Containers can be supplied with dial holes, mesh or closed sides, depending on your requirements.
Wide range of options. 5 different bottom variants, depending on the loads and the application, but always guaranteeing safe and reliable movement on conveyor systems.
Wide range of accessories. A wide selection of accessories is available for the BITO XL series. Numerous additional options - internal containers, single or double dividers, lightweight dust-proof lids that make the box multifunctional and easy to use anywhere.
Protection and safety. BITO XL is available as a double cover option. Optionally, the lid can be securely locked with disposable seals, protecting the contents of the box from unauthorized access and potential damage during storage or transport. If desired, the seals can also be numbered or labelled.

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