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Wanzl transport trolleys

Transport trolleys designed to get goods picked in the warehouse or distribution centre to the store, supermarket, petrol station, restaurant or any other destination, safely and damage-free directly to the counter, shelf or point of use. By using transporter trolleys you avoid the need for pallet trucks and all the restrictions that come with their use.

Open, closed and foldable. To cope with the constant pressure of deadlines in distribution, you need equipment that provides you with easy and fast service and is high quality and reliable. Wanzl has everything your staff needs to make the job of picking and shipping orders as easy as possible. The equipment is also suitable for processing and picking orders within the company.

transport trolleys
Transport trolleys 1 Wanzl Logistic Systems
Transport trolleys 3 Wanzl Logistic Systems
Transport trolleys 5 Wanzl Logistic Systems
Transport trolleys 4 Wanzl Logistic Systems
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Transport trolleys 14 Wanzl Logistic Systems
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Transport trolleys 11 Wanzl Logistic Systems

Series RC/E

Universal transport trolleys that can be used for numerous products. Our customers can choose between a metal and a solid plastic platform. Carts can be folded or disassembled when empty to save space for transport or for more compact storage.

Series RC/S

Enclosed transport trolleys that are fully enclosed and lockable for theft protection and with good handling. Meet the requirements of a wide range of products. The grid pattern of the panels can be tailored for each application to make sure the goods reach the customer intact.

Series RC/N

Folding transport trolleys. Because space in storage and shipping is precious, this series offers folding carts to save space in transport and storage. You choose the desired design. Two side panels, fully enclosed or with hinged shelves, as standard or bespoke equipment.

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