Container transport Leo Locative

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Container transport Leo Locative - via automated transport systems (AGV). Ensures fast movement of materials and reduces distances.

They are an increasingly popular choice of manufacturing companies.

BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH has developed its own autonomous transport system - LEO Locative. This extremely easy-to-use system installs quickly and can be up and running immediately (Plug&Play). LEO Locative follows an optical path, indicated by marking the floor, without affecting passageways or other paths. It can carry containers or boxes weighing up to 35 kg and measuring up to 600x400 mm.

The system can connect workstations and perform intra-transport actions in factories or warehouses. It follows a marked path and can distinguish colors and commands preset by markers. LEO Locative is extremely flexible - it can be easily reconfigured or expanded with additional stations.

System advantages:

LEO Locative can be programmed by anyone without the use of a computer.
All the commands that are needed by the LEO Locative are received via coded floor markers. They carry the necessary information such as destination, pick-up or delivery stations, duration of the stop, when to sound an alarm or what to do when the battery is empty.

LEO Locative helps you put your ideas into practice quickly and easily:

There is no need for long training sessions - everything is clearly labelled and enables you to change and optimise movements at short notice.
You can see at very short notice whether the set path is effective, which is actually flexibility to make changes without the need for long-term planning.
LEO Locative increases operational flexibility and efficiency.
Because of its low investment costs, LEO Locative pays for itself quickly, even on short-term projects.
Reconfiguring the system is easy. Instantly adapts to new or changed commands.

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