Pallet Live Storage

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Pallet Live gravity storage systems

Pallet Live gravity storage systems enable extremely compact, clearly arranged storage. Processing times are significantly reduced and internal logistics flows become easier to calculate. This reduces downtime and transit times and increases warehouse productivity by reducing storage costs.

Pallet Live gravity storage systems eliminate the need for service aisles within the unit, saving 60 percent more storage space than standard pallet racking.

Unlike block storage, Pallet Live also allows direct access to all stored items at any time. This ensures high flexibility and reduces the time needed to move goods out.

By choosing Pallet Live gravity storage systems you get:

  • Structure your logistics processes as transparently as possible;
  • All channels/streets are directly accessible so there are no supply disruptions;
  • Make the best use of available storage space;
  • Properly stack multiple pallets of one product in a batch;
  • Gravity channels/streets on horizontal and vertical;
  • Compact, structural, space-saving pallet racking.

FIFO storage

First stored, first picked. It makes it much easier to control the movement of products, batches and series. Opposing load and dial locations helps eliminate the possibility of operator confusion. This makes the picking process and warehouse environment more reliable.

High flexibility and fast processing

Unlike block warehousing, Pallet Live systems offer all warehoused products for direct picking from the front of the system, with no lost time from block entry or additional operations.

Eliminate unnecessary paths

Compact storage and the elimination of unnecessary aisles leads to an increase in usable storage area of up to 60%. Available storage space is used more efficiently. Internal transport routes are dramatically shortened - travel times are reduced by over 40%. This reduces processing time and allows a significant increase in the amount of orders processed.

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