Universal pallets

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Universal Pallets (Standard Pallets)

Universal pallets are multi-purpose reusable pallets with a standard application, usually for internal production or internal storage use.

Standard pallets production of the concern Cabka Group are grouped in two series Eco and Endur.

The Eco family pallets are economical monoblock design, heavy duty and one of the most used for automatic storage. They are designed to achieve maximum load capacity at minimum net weight. The Eco series is available in 22 varieties by size, load capacity and open or closed deck, the most popular being the Eco E5 and Eco E5.1 Europallets.

Ideal for closed loops, product distribution and equipment, they are also used for export. Due to the robust construction of the skids, they are ideal for automated conveyor systems and high pallet racking storage.

Their application is mainly in all areas of the food industry (meat processing, brewing, grain processing, etc.) and manufacturing due to their high load capacity and durability.

Each type is available in recycled or virgin material, solid or open deck.

All types of pallets can be found in the prospectus below.


Robustness, impact resistance and reliability are the main features of the series.
Endur pallets combine high quality and durability at their best.
The special manufacturing process provides cavities in the construction and makes them particularly resistant to bending and durable for high pallet rack storage.
The additional slip protection options on the deck - top and bottom and on the skids will satisfy even the highest pallet requirements. This pallet series is available in more than 30 varieties by size, load capacity and open or closed deck.

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