Pallet racks 

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Classic/conventional pallet racking remains, as always, our most popular pallet storage system. 

It provides flexible use and quickly accessible storage.

Pallet racks are ideal for:

  • Guaranteed access to every storage unit in the warehouse;
  • To have a flexible warehouse system and the ability to stock a large assortment of products in different sizes and shapes;
  • To pick products directly from the pallet as well as use the upper levels as a buffer storage.
  • Stock a wide variety of products in relatively short runs. In practice, conventional pallet racking also allows the reverse storage of large quantities of relatively few products.

BITO PRO - Pallet racking system

The classic pallet racks remains the most popular storage system for palletized goods – despite the increasing use of modern storage and picking technologies.

The pallet racking system ensures convenient access to each pallet. Moreover, the configuration of the pallet racks can be easily and quickly changed and expanded. This flexibility and low investment costs make the classic pallet racking system a staple in warehousing and order picking.

With the use of a field-proven, wide range of accessories, our pallet racking system enables optimal storage of palletised loads in all shapes and sizes.

Our pallet racking systems are RAL-RG 614/2 certified. All pallet racks are calculated in accordance with BDS EN 16681 for seismic resistance.

Pallet racking has many variations of solutions from the classic Wide aisle aisle, through Narrow aisles (Very Narrow Aisle), to Mobile pallet racking and Automated pallet storage systems. Using them for floor storage farms or Pallet Live warehouses is another application of classic pallet design.

Палетни стелажи и складови системи за палетизирани стоки.
Палетни стелажи и складови системи за палетизирани стоки.
Палетни стелажи и складови системи за палетизирани стоки.
Палетни стелажи и складови системи за палетизирани стоки.
Палетни стелажи и складови системи за палетизирани стоки.
Палетни стелажи и складови системи за палетизирани стоки.

Areas of application of pallet racks:

Food industry;
Production warehouses;
Distribution centres;
Industrial products;
Складове за бързооборотни стоки.

Advantages and benefits of pallet racking:

100% access. If you don't like block or aisle storage, classic pallet racking allows full access to all stored units. Every pallet is accessible.
Easy Dialing. The pallet racks are compatible with all modern electric trucks and order pickers.
High flexibility. The pallet rack can be easily rearranged and expanded. It is the most variable and flexible pallet storage system, allowing storage of goods and packages in any shape and size.
Low investment costs. The basic investment costs for a classic/conventional pallet racking system are low.
A wide range of accessories allowing the transformation of storage areas with picking areas.
The classic/conventional pallet system is the most basic solution for cost-effective pallet storage. Suitable for flexible storage of a wide variety of products with guaranteed access to any pallet.
The pallet storage system with narrow aisles is an ideal solution for optimised use of available storage and vertical space. Pallets from the upper levels do not need to be dropped to the lower levels for picking. Using modern order picking machines with an overhead operator, allow you to pick from any level. Under this system, there are no employees in the corridors.

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