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Every automated warehouse for Mini Load type of products needs specific containers for automated storage to cover specific needs

Every automated warehouse for Mini Load type of products needs specific containers for automated storage to cover specific needs. Each of the boxes / containers has specific characteristics needed for certain applications. There are containers for automated storage, which are used to store the products in the warehouse, for this purpose the XL, KLT or XLM models can be used, as well as the DT or XLT trays, for order picking and/or transport to the clinetn the MB, U-turn or the folding EQ model are used.

KLT automated storage boxes

The BITO KLT container for use in automated warehouses for small items is the most robust and reliable product designed for heavy duty applications. With its ergonomic handle, it is also very comfortable for manual handling.
BITO KLT containers, reliable and robust, even under heavy loads.

XLM automated storage boxes

BITOBOX XLMotion is the uncompromising solution for automated systems, whether it is an automated storage, shuttle or conveyor solution. The new base solution provides a closed and perfectly smooth outer frame with an internal ribbed environment for high strength and resistance, accompanied by low noise when moving.

A great advantage is the pre-perforation for the placement of multiple dividers, which allow up to 16 compartments (locations) to be achieved from one box. The sides have an external support structure, allowing smooth walls and a large internal volume. The design of the base also allows for a large reduction on the design side of the carriers in automated storage. And all this in standard euro sizes.

Boxes for automated U-turn warehouses

BITOBOX U-turn - a new product heir to old traditions, but with a focus on modern supply chains with conveyor systems and automated warehouses. From stacked on top of each other, the boxes with one rotation enter each other. This, combined with the large internal volume and extremely low weight, plus a volume optimization when entering each other of more than 64% makes them extremely suitable for order picking and transportation to the end customer.

Optimal safety:

There are three different base options (standard, ribbed or double), the continuous rounded line and rounded corner posts allow the box to move safely and smoothly on conveyor belts. The small parts container is available as an option with a double lid. If necessary, the lid can also be locked by disposable seals. This protects the contents of the box from unauthorized access and potential damage during storage and transport.

Ideal for use:

BITO's KLT box is available in multiple sizes with a wide variety of accessories. Its sides are closed to the top edge, making its full internal volume usable for product storage.

Easy to carry:

The container handle is designed for optimal grip. This specialized design protects the user's hands and also makes the box easy to pull or slide, even when heavily loaded.

Maximum stability and resistance:

This storage container stands out thanks to its extremely high stability. It is ideal for storing and transporting very heavy loads - up to 75 kg per container and 500 kg for loading at height.

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