Pallet boxes and pallet frames for storage and transport

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Metal pallet boxes, containers and pallet frames are used in the storage and transportation of materials.

When you need storage equipment that saves space and doesn't require shelving, we can offer you a whole range of Wanzl products as the solution to your needs.

Metal pallet boxes

The pallet is vital in warehousing and logistics. The design of storage areas, loading spaces in vehicles and packaging units for retailers are highly dependent on its dimensions. Many of the most important features of a pallet are at the heart of using our pallet box. Such as the euro size, the possibility of stacking up to 4 pallet boxes on top of each other and with a load of 1000 kg each, the possibility of dividers and front or side openings, but definitely one of the most important is the ability, if necessary, to be removed from the pallet and folded when not needed.

pallet boxes

Pallet containers

The pallet containers build on the concept of pallet boxes, no longer having to be mounted on a wooden pallet, but a metal pallet base integrated into it. This allows that when empty, they can be folded with just a few movements from each and then conveniently and easily stacked on top of each other. This provides excellent flexibility for logistics while saving space.

Pallet frames

The pallet frames are designed to make stackable pallets when the same are not stackable.

Pallet box PA-X

Version for Euro pallets 1200 x 800 mm with opening sides or fully closed. Available in different heights. Accessories - shelves, vertical dividers or fully enclosed with castors. Storage stability is ensured thanks to wide-area corner slats that prevent tipping or shifting. Coating - mirror galvanized chrome.

Pallet container PC1000

Version without pallets. Reinforced construction with mesh and with the possibility of forming compartments. Side grills with Ø10 mm mesh. Self-locking mechanism. The face folds in one piece. Coating - polished galvanized chrome. Available in different sizes.

Pallet frame type1/type2

Used for Euro pallets 1200 x 800 mm. Tubular circular frame with two transverse central beams. The frame and corner plate at the base are welded. Locking the upper beam. Different profiles for mounting on the long or short side of the Euro pallets. Coating - plastic powder coating or galvanized chrome.

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